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Strategic Planning

MRSB’s proven strategic planning process is designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our clients. We customize the approach to ensure the right key stakeholders are consulted and engaged in the planning process and that the final strategic plan contains clearly defined priorities that reflect your organization’s goals and objectives. Our strategic planning expertise, our proven project management abilities, and our commitment to providing superior service will help your team achieve the desired results.


MRSB assists clients with the preparation of actionable implementation plans that are the ‘living’ documents to support strategic objectives and the implementation of priorities. We work in collaboration with our clients to develop a preliminary Action Plan/Implementation tool that defines actions, assigns responsibility, timeframe, measures of success, and required resources for each action. MRSB also provides strategic guidance to leadership teams to support the next steps required in the implementation process.


As a skilled outside facilitator, MRSB is knowledgeable of what it takes to bring your team together to work toward a common goal. MRSB’s experienced consultants plan and facilitate collaborative sessions using proven stakeholder engagement processes to maximize engagement, build consensus, and increase buy-in. We customize our services based on the number of participants and our clients’ desired objectives. MRSB’s facilitation services include stakeholder consultations, board/leadership engagement and visioning sessions, workshops, focus groups and more.


I have led or participated in a number of strategic sessions that Wendy facilitated for Mohawk College.  In all cases she worked very hard at the outset to ensure that the desired goals and outcomes were understood and worked the process, each time, to ensure the desired goals were achieved. There was 100% consistency from beginning to end with each engagement. 

Working with Wendy has been an absolute pleasure!

Paul Armstrong

Vice President, Academic, Mohawk College, 2019

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Our three-step proven process for strategic planning

We work with our clients to customize, develop and implement an integrative, efficient planning process that will help your organization achieve the desired results. 

  • Energize your team to reflect on the current environment

  • Identify significant strengths (to leverage), challenges (to minimize), and opportunities (to pursue)

  • Determine what success looks like in 3 or 5 years

  • Engage your team (management team, staff, Board, key stakeholders)

  • Identify priorities for achieving success

  • Receive greater buy-in and support by the team to develop and action priorities

  • Clarify priorities to achieve success

  • Action plan: actions, responsibility, timelines, measures of success

  • Implementation oversight process including reporting and accountability


Our customized and collaborative process will help you ACHIEVE RESULTS

Wendy Drake, BBA, MBA 
Senior Consultant and Firm Principal

Wendy Drake is an experienced and engaging strategic planner and facilitator who has worked with private, public, and not-for-profit clients from various sectors in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. One of Wendy’s key strengths is her ability to engage people at all organizational levels including Board members and other varied stakeholder groups. Using a collaborative approach, she facilitates strategy sessions, focus groups, workshops, and one-on-one discussions to generate strategic priorities and to build buy-in for successful plan implementation.


It has been my privilege, and the organization’s benefit, to work with Wendy Drake from MRSB. Wendy’s reputation as a competent, experienced leader in Strategic Planning has been well established at all levels of our organization, including the work she has done with the Board of Directors. Her planning meetings were extremely well organized while always maintaining a consistent focus on the end result. Wendy’s objective, yet constructive advice, challenged our organizational way of doing things while ensuring our strategic initiatives align with our current resources.


I would confidently recommend Wendy Drake to any organization for any planning type initiatives.

Tory Kennedy, (Former) Director of Corporate Services and HR
Workers Compensation Board of PEI, 2019

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