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How to keep your bookkeeper happy (and save time & money!)

The role of a bookkeeper is providing you, the client, with useful, timely information about your business so that you are free to perform the important role of managing and growing your company. In short, we like to make your job easier! Sometimes, though, it may feel as if you are working for us. Answering our questions and providing all of the information we request can definitely seem like a drain on your time. But we don’t ask for anything we don’t really need – trust us on this one! As a team that has been providing bookkeeping services for close to 40 years, we have seen it all, and have learned many things over the years that aim to make everyone’s lives easier.

To keep everything running smoothly in the owner/bookkeeper relationship, here are several things that you can do to make us happy, thus giving yourself more time for what’s important to you:

Ultimately, these steps will enable us to process your information more easily and therefore cut down on the time it takes to do the work. This translates into savings on your bill and eliminating unnecessary phone calls and emails back and forth. By working together to improve on these efficiencies, we can take care of the books while you focus on one of the many other things that comes with running a successful business.

In need of a bookkeeper? Use our Staff Directory to get in touch with a bookkeeper in your area today, call +1 (902) 368-2643, or contact us directly

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