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How to Bring Your A-Game: Board of Directors Edition

Volunteer board directors have limited time to give and if the board’s governance practices are poor, the organization will not reap the full benefits of the volunteer directors’ time. At MRSB we work with boards and management to help organizations reach their full potential. We do this through evaluation of governance practices, director education and board engagement. Often times, the “simple” things make the biggest difference.

Consider these three foolproof steps to boost your Board’s performance:

1. Cultivate True Board Diversity.

Good decisions are made when board members have an opportunity to express their thoughts and there is space to listen intently to other perspectives. Make those *other* perspectives count by ensuring your board members come from varied backgrounds and are diverse in age, culture, gender, geography, profession, politics and experience. Avoid tokenism. Use a skills matrix.

2. Understand Your Purpose.

Every board member must clearly understand their role as a fiduciary, an individual director, and a united governing body. A board also oversees strategy, guiding the organization towards its ultimate objective. Familiarize yourself with your organization’s governing documents, know the legal object/purposes, invest in strategic planning and offer board orientation.

3. Be Organized.

Ensuring proper logistics, planning, and communication are in place will go a long way in helping the board operate effectively. Appoint a capable Board Chair to plan diligent agendas and chair effective meetings to ensure all voices are heard on important, relevant and strategic issues.

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