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Four advantages to hiring an external bookkeeper for your business

Think you can manage the books yourself? If your business is growing, think again! There are several big advantages to outsourcing this particular service, allowing you the time to focus on running and growing your business.

Bookkeeping is the record-keeping aspect of accounting regarding the transaction and financial activities of a business. Keeping accurate bookkeeping information is crucial to any business, but often times its overlooked. It's a task that can become lumped together with another employee's role such as an administrative assistant or even a business owner taking on the detailed responsibility themselves. This can lead to delays, getting behind or being pulled into other tasks, and adds uncertainty to the technical aspects of bookkeeping recording.

Read on to find out our top four advantages to hiring an external bookkeeper for your business, straight from our division of dedicated bookkeepers!

1. Cost Savings

The bookkeeper you hire is paid by the amount of work that gets done. Their sole focus for you is on your books, nothing else, and they will use their own resources to get the job done. They won't be pulled into other company matters and can efficiently work in a time period dedicated to your business.

2. Flexibility

There is flexibility in hiring someone externally. The hired bookkeeper can work remotely or as part of an integrated team. They work according to what works for you - whether it's once a week, once a month, a few hours a week or month, etc. The frequency depends on your need.

3. Expertise

We get it, bookkeeping is not always the most exciting task, but it is what we do; we know the rules and we're experts in it. We have seen many instances where an employee was tasked with bookkeeping duties and they get in to a monotonous routine and stop learning. This leads to boredom and either they end up doing lots of complaining or ultimately, resigning from the company. Because an external bookkeeper works for multiple businesses, there is never time for boredom.

4. Insight

An external bookkeeper provides outside perspective on your business. They are not involved in the day to day operations and are able to provide new insights without emotional or historical ties as well as a clear perspective on your bookkeeping processes.

It's important for any business owner to find a bookkeeper that fits your needs and brings the best value and expertise. Trusting an expert to help you through this saves both time and money for a crucial part of your business.

If you require bookkeeping services, please use our online staff directory and find a bookkeeper in your area, or contact us directly.

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