Tim Curley

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant

Tim joined MRSB Consulting Services as CEO and Senior Consultant in 2024, following a decade-long tenure with a leading provider of government software solutions. He brings ample experience in client relations, business development, and project management as the leader of the MRSB Consulting Team. Tim takes a professional and proactive approach to conducting engagements to maximize efficiencies and produce results. His extensive experience leading complex procurements and projects has honed his ability to design and execute impactful methodologies incorporating innovative and relevant thought processes. Tim has a history of providing consultancy services and business solutions to the public sector to optimize processes and enhance user experiences. He possesses knowledge of the IT sector, including the eHealth and eBusiness fields, and leads projects in the tourism, education, utilities, transportation, finance, and non-profit sectors. Tim’s interpersonal skills allow him to manage complex projects productively and evidence his passion for building lasting client relationships.

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