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Bookkeeping and


Payroll Services


Payroll preparation

Direct deposit

T4 and T4A preparation


Bookkeeping Services


Computerized bookkeeping

Bank reconciliation

Financial statement preparation and interpretation (monthly)

Quarterly and Annual HST preparation


Bookkeeping Training


Sage50: one-on-one training

QuickBooks Online: one-on-one training


Other Services:


Short-term support staff: We will temporarily fill a bookkeeping position left open due to vacancy, or help you troubleshoot and work through specific issues by phone or in-person

Part-time Controllers: We can fill a short-term vacancy or perform high-level bookkeeping as a monthly or annual service to your business

  • Remote access computer software support

  • Practimax Medical Billing


The growth of your business is always a welcome occurrence. The exciting realization that you are achieving greater success, however, is often paired with the stretching of resources and time that you cannot allocate to maintaining the company's financials. MRSB Bookkeeping & Reporting specializes in the fundamental aspects of overseeing the financial records of your business. Our qualified bookkeeping and reporting specialists will handle the number-crunching and paperwork, giving you the important information and leaving you with more time to concentrate on what matters - continued growth and success.


Our advisors have been providing expert bookkeeping and reporting advice to small and large-scale companies on Prince Edward Island for over 30 years. We have the knowledge and experience needed to effectively handle every aspect of your day-to-day.


In need of a bookkeeper?

Use our Staff Directory to get in touch with a bookkeeper in your area today,

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Are you a health professional?

Find out more about our Health Professionals Plan - a comprehensive tax and accounting package designed to maximize wealth

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