You've graduated! Welcome to the real world!

At MRSB, we see the value of hiring new graduates. Our HR Manager, Kathryn Mills shares some quick thoughts on things for new graduates entering the workforce to keep in mind.


So you just graduated? An exciting accomplishment for you, a proud moment for family and friends, and the next step for you as you either continue with your education or start your business career.

From an employer’s, and more specifically a Human Resource Manager’s perspective, it is welcoming to witness the energy from new graduates seeking employment, but I also wanted to share some general words of wisdom to help you on your quest:

  1. Be yourself - don’t  go out of your way to impress. Be polite and professional.
  2. Take pride in your appearance – regardless if you are going to an interview, or going to your job. Make sure your outfit for the day is clean, not wrinkled, not too revealing, and plan what you are going to wear the night before to save time in the morning. Ladies – make sure your hair and makeup is appropriate for work as opposed to an evening out. Gentlemen - clean shaven or facial hair well manicured.
  3. Be on time and plan to be at your destination at least 15 minutes early - set your alarm clock ahead to allow additional time for any unforeseen things that might make you late such as traffic, parking, construction, or a line up while you pick up your morning coffee.
  4. When at work, leave all your personal matters such phone calls, texts, e-mails for your breaks and lunch. Multitasking at work is great, as long as it is work related.
  5. At the outset, learn as much as you can about your place of business, and ask questions to find out more. Your understanding of the business will help you in your role.
  6. Be flexible in your work hours whenever possible – be willing to work extra shifts if asked and be willing to stay later if necessary in order to meet a deadline.
  7. Be prepared – to share your ideas, to attend and participate in meetings, to volunteer at events or in the community and to do things outside of your “job description”.

Congratulations on this major milestone. You have no doubt worked very hard for graduation to finally happen and hopefully the best is yet to come!

Welcome to the business world!