What makes mrsb the best place to work in atlantic canada?...

...Kathryn says it's our open door policy

Take a quick stroll around the MRSB office and you might notice something. Well, probably several things - people hard at work, many cups of java, collaboration, and some laughter in the background. But you might also pick up on the fact that almost all office doors are open. Unless someone is in a meeting or tackling an especially demanding project, offices are open and accessible.

Part of our MRSB culture is that everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, feedback and solutions. As HR Manager I've heard great suggestions from staff, whether it's introducing a new process, enhancing our work environment or initiating a fun activity for the team.

Each of our five Partners work closely with staff every day and embrace a supportive, collaborative management style. They truly lead by example, allowing our team spirit to flourish. This in turn benefits our clients because they are dealing with professionals who care and enjoy what they do. MRSB really is a great place to work!