What makes mrsb the best place to work in atlantic canada?...

...Sheri says it's our close-knit team

My bookkeeping colleagues and I pride ourselves on having the skills and knowledge necessary to help our clients with everything they need to get their company’s financials in order. Having said that, there are times when someone’s question simply goes beyond our normal scope of expertise.

The great thing about our office is, if you don’t know the answer to a client’s question, there is pretty much always someone who does. For instance, my colleague Linda and I are often asked payroll questions because we are qualified as Payroll Compliance Practitioners. Just as we go to Bev or Karen Weeks for questions about Sage 50, or to Jaclyn because she is so knowledgeable in Caseware.

Our business has been built up over the decades, with more and more skilled professionals added to the mix all the time. We share information with each other to stay informed of the latest issues facing clients and rely on each other on a daily basis to make the client experience a great one.

It’s very encouraging to come to work every day knowing the answers to even the most challenging questions are just a hop, skip or elevator ride away!