POW3R your organization toward real results

MRSB Consulting Services has recharged their strategic planning offering and is ready to help POW3R your team, your organization and your future!

The new face of strategic planning

There are a multitude of factors that can affect the growth and success of businesses and organizations in sectors across Canada. In today’s rapidly shifting markets it is imperative that leaders not only have their fingers on the pulse of their organization, but take an active role in enacting change.

One way to combat the shifting tide of organizational priorities is to make sure you and your team have clearly defined goals and a widely understood vision. One of the best ways to achieve this is via strategic planning, but what does this really mean? To some, a strategic plan is a lengthy document – perhaps written by one senior staff member and signed off on by a few more – that outlines a set of goals for the not-too-distant future. There’s nothing wrong with goal setting, but the problem with some traditional strategic plans is that they are just that – plans. Mainly focused on what should happen, they fail to include the real-life actions and collaboration that see things through to realization.

At MRSB Consulting Services, we offer a refreshing approach to strategic planning that takes into account the myriad influences shaping your team and your organization, using these influences to enact real results.


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A simple approach to complex demands

Our process brings together your team to draw from their collective experiences and opinions, and come up with manageable but motivational goals and actions that move the organization not just toward success, but a stronger, more productive and ultimately more fulfilled team.

‘Power’ is about the strength found in each organization, and in the individuals that fuel their success. In defining our process we wanted to channel this energy and make our clients feel as enthusiastic about strategic planning as we are. After all, this is all about you, your team and your aspirations.

In defining our core offering we came up with three steps. These steps, while seemingly simple, engage your team in meaningful sessions during which you reflect on your core business, prepare for action and implement a ready-to-action roadmap. Most importantly, the process takes you far past simply discussing and writing ideas down; it purposefully drives everyone involved along a clearly laid out path toward success.

Customized to your unique needs

Because each of our clients is so different, there is no typical timeframe for POW3R. Some clients choose to get their team together for one full-day session, after which we work with the team to finalize direction. In other cases we hold multiple sessions, allowing more time for reflection, planning and implementation. We have worked with clients through a monthly or quarterly process to assist them with the implementation of their strategic priorities.

Whatever your preferred schedule, during our sessions your team will come to a mutual understanding of the organization’s core strengths and challenges, what success looks like and what needs to happen to achieve results. Participants are often reinvigorated and have a clear sense of direction. The sessions become much more than ‘a day out of the office’.


A good strategic plan, and the process that accompanies it, results in a working team that is truly engaged and passionate about achieving that next stage of growth. Team members come away with a clear picture of how they can make their organization better. With a results-oriented action plan in hand, the leadership team has the necessary tools to power your team, your organization and your future.

Need more information? Visit our POW3R page, or contact Wendy to schedule an initial consultation. Our priority is to implement a process that will achieve the best possible results, completely based on your needs.