2015 Personal Income Tax Checklist


As you prepare to look at your 2015 personal income tax, our tax team has created a checklist for you to consider when sending in your information. It is important to have complete and accurate information so we may prepare your return accurately and efficiently.

MRSB 2015 personal income tax checklist

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Tax time questions – can I claim acupuncture and massage therapy as medical expenses?

Every year clients come to us with questions about claiming acupuncture and massage therapy as a medical expense. In a nutshell, if the service is not performed by a physician, then the service must have been performed by a medical practitioner who is a member of a provincially regulated professional association in the province where the service was performed.

For acupuncture on Prince Edward Island, that means:

  • A physiotherapist who is registered with the Prince Edward Island Association of Physiotherapy; or
  • A chiropractor who is registered with the Prince Edward Island Chiropractic Association

In either case, the practitioner must be approved by their association to perform acupuncture as a specialty in order to claim the receipt.

Massage therapy is not yet provincially regulated on Prince Edward Island and therefore cannot be claimed.

The list of provincially regulated medical practitioners for each province and territory is available on the CRA website

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