How to keep your bookkeeper happy (and save some money in the process)

The ever-friendly, ever-fiesty MRSB Bookkeeping & Reporting team gives you some pointers on how you can help keep the client/bookkeeper relationship running extra smoothly, for everyone's benefit.

As bookkeepers, our goal is to provide you with useful, timely information about your business so that you are free to fulfill the important role of managing and growing your company. In short, we like to make your job easier! We realize that sometimes, though, it can sort of feel like you're working for us. So to keep everything running smoothly in the owner/bookkeeper relationship (and to back up our claim that we don't ask for anything we don't need - really!), here are several things you can do to make us happy, thus having more time for what's important to you:

  • If you have time to organize your papers before we see them, great! When they are sorted by sales, purchases, statements, even suppliers, that makes it easier for us and saves time.
  • Designate one place to keep your documents. Set up a box or file and use it. This works both when we come to your office and when you bring your files to us, and will eliminate searching for that important paper.
  • Open your mail! Did you know it is a federal offence to open someone else's mail? Don't make us do it! Seriously, though, there may be time-sensitive information or even a cheque in that envelope. 

  • It is a good idea for owners to review bank and credit card statements. There may be charges that are not business related that we may not recognize. It is also a chance to catch errors or unauthorized transactions.
  • Not all deposits are revenue. You may have made an owner's contribution or deposited a rebate from a supplier. Please provide us with your bank book or copies of the deposit slips.
  • Online banking is your friend, and ours. Have your bank set up access for you and if you are comfortable with the idea, for us as well. This saves an enormous amount of time. If you are not ok with providing us access, you can still go online and print out your statements for us long before you would receive them by mail.

  • We are all about the details. Fill out those check stubs: dates, amounts, payee and description are all important. For unusual purchases, provide an explanation. When we ask for more information it isn't just because we are curious!
  • When you receive financing, make sure we get a copy of all the loan details: interest rate, term, breakdown of payments.
  • If you have employees, we need to know more than just their names (although last names are especially handy). Most important is their SIN, date of birth, completed TD1, wage, benefits, vacation and any other entitlements.
  • If at all possible, bring documents to us up to two weeks in advance of the deadline. While we strive to make you feel like you are our one and only, we do have other clients (you are our favourite, of course).

Ultimately, these steps will enable us to process your information more easily and therefore cut down on the time it takes to do the work. This translates into savings for you on your bill (yeah!). It also saves you time by eliminating unnecessary phone calls between us and keeps everyone smiling. As a final note, if you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for your bookkeeper, we like wine and that order.