An exciting opportunity for Atlantic Canada's rural communities

MRSB Group will be a proud sponsor and participant in The Georgetown Conference this fall. Partner Everett Roche shares his thoughts on this important event.

It might not be a topic that is consistently on your radar, but the state of Atlantic Canada's rural communities has garnered enough concern to warrant attention from some of the region's brightest minds, including scholars and business leaders. MRSB Group is excited to take part in and support The Georgetown Conference, Rural Redefined, a promising initiative taking place in Prince Edward Island this fall that will address the crucial issues affecting Atlantic Canada's rural communities. With so many economic challenges facing rural areas, this three-day conference is all about embracing the spirit of these places, challenging the myths surrounding their global viability and empowering local leaders to enact positive change. Local businesses, community leaders, artists and everyday citizens will converge and engage in meaningful conversations about our rural communities and what can be done to give them a positive boost in these rapidly changing and unpredictable times.

As an Island owned and operated professional services group, we have partnered with many individuals and businesses in rural Atlantic Canada, helping them to achieve their goals. During the past three decades we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges they face including aging local demographics and an ever-accelerating pace of technological advancement. Despite the fact that challenges do exist, my mindset is one of abundance versus scarcity. The next ten years will be a period of unprecedented opportunity and a new era of entrepreneurship. As large bureaucracies collapse in the coming decade, tens of thousands of new, agile startups will drive technology-based growth.

I am confident that the exchanges and insights shared during The Georgetown Conference will result in new actions and strategies, empowering business owners, community groups and especially our future entrepreneurs to take crucial steps toward change. As an event sponsor, MRSB Group is excited to be part of the solution and supports the proactive, results-oriented approach being embraced by all involved. As the partner in charge of MRSB Consulting Services, I will be taking part as a conference participant and hope to come away with creative new business ideas and contacts. MRSB Consulting Services Business Development Officer, Stacey Evans will also be present for the many keynote addresses and panel discussions the conference has to offer. I am confident that the issues raised and lessons learned will be applicable to our work as we continue to serve clients across Atlantic Canada and in Europe.

I would like to congratulate the organizers of this event and the community of Georgetown, which truly stands for all that is rural Atlantic Canada; a proud heritage, proximity to the riches of the Atlantic coast and a prime opportunity for revitalization at a time of emerging possibilities. We would also like to give our sincere congratulations to event co-chairs Wade McLaughlin, John Bragg and Paul MacNeill, three local leaders whose knowledge of both Island communities and the Canadian landscape at large are sure to bring wise insights to The Georgetown Conference. I suggest we think global, think abundance and most importantly, think about growing new entrepreneurs in our unique corner of the globe.