Tax Compliance

Whether you are a private business, a not-for-profit organization or an entrepreneur working solo, you need to feel assured that your annual tax matters are being managed in a way that takes into account changing legislation or other laws that govern the tax environment.

Our tax team has the experience and the trained knowledge to keep abreast of important changes in tax law, helping you to evaluate risk, resolve disputes and prepare for the future of your business or organization. We will work with you one-on-one to discuss the laws and regulations relating to your business, making sure you meet all of your compliance requirements and maximizing your returns in the process.

Tax compliance services we offer:

  • Preparation of personal, corporate and trust returns
  • SRED claim preparation for researchers and developers
  • Provincial tax-related program compliance
  • Special tax issues for not-for-profits and charities
  • Dispute resolution with the Canada Revenue Agency