Valuation & Litigation Support

Valuation Services


Business owners rely on valuators to provide in-depth, strategic advice and to ensure their company is properly valued for sale, assessment or acquisition. At MRSB Group we have developed a strong Valuation & Litigation Support division, assisting our clients in determining the value they have worked so hard to create.

We provide alll levels of valuation services to our clients:

  • Business valuation for purchase or sale of a business
  • Valuation for income tax, estate planning or succession
  • Valuation for matrimonial disputes
  • Valuation for shareholder buyouts
  • Valuation for compliance with shareholder agreements and dispute settlement
  • Purchase financing and re-financing advisory

Litigation Support


Even the best laid plans can sometimes take a turn in the wrong direction. We help our clients resolve legal and financial disputes, acting as expert witnesses before courts, arbitration boards, securities commissions annd other regulatory bodies. We are constantly broadening our contacts within the legal and financial communities. Our ongoing professional development means MRSB Group is uniquely positioned to handle complex valuation and litigation matters that affect many of our clients.

We provide a range of litigation services:

  • Personal injury loss quanitification
  • Damage quantification
  • Review of statements of claim
  • Assistance with preparation for trial
  • Business interruption insurance claim quantification
​Why choose MRSB?


  • We provide professional, objective and independent advice to our valued clients
  • Our industry knowledge and access to relevant data is well ahead of the curve
  • We can easily acccess the expertise and resources offered by other professional divisions of MRSB Group, including our Tax Services and Accounting Services teams