Employee Recognition – a little goes a long way

Our HR Manager, Kathryn Mills writes a timely piece on employee recognition and what you can do to contribute to team success.


How often do you say thank you to a staff member for a job well done?

How often do you recognize someone for going beyond what was required in order to meet a deadline, or exceed client expectations?

Recognition doesn’t have to be much. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you a cent, and the rewards can be huge: increased productivity; employee recruitment and retention; increased morale; positive reflection of the company; an attractive place to want to do business; enhanced teamwork and energy; reinforcement of corporate values; empowering employees to excel in their role, and the list goes on.   

But you must also keep in mind that there is a fine line between sincerity and over the top recognition that may become uncomfortable for the recipient. You must also keep in mind that some people would prefer to fly below the radar, so to speak, and that public recognition could be worse than no recognition, so know and understand the individual(s) being recognized. Another piece of advice is to be timely with the recognition - don’t wait to say thanks or show appreciation.

You just land a big account. How about saying something like, “That project that we submitted last week, the client really appreciated that we were ahead of the deadline, and was really pleased with the final product that we have been awarded the contract.  Thank you for all that you did to help us ace this account.”

How about spontaneously taking an employee out for coffee or for lunch and just check in with them?

How about celebrating a milestone that was collectively achieved by the entire team?

Although we know it takes a total team effort to be successful, this week is Administrative Professional Week and today is Administrative Professional Day. So take time to say thank you and recognize your admin professional for their ongoing and valued contributions.

Tomorrow, April 28th, is International Pay It Forward Day – don’t miss the chance to make someone’s day, - don’t break the chain of selfless acts of kindness.

“Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it.”