Three ways pow3r strategic planning can help your business or organization


Your team will no doubt benefit from the POW3R process, but you don't need to hear this from us. Instead, listen to what our clients have to say! Here are three things POW3R can do for your organization or company, with comments from industry and sector leaders on how their experience helped move them forward.


1. Engage, motivate and instill a sense of ownership within your team

"The process used by Wendy Drake was instrumental in creating a sense of ownership by the team; she engaged our staff in such a way that they feel the strategic plan belongs to them." - Dr. Ivan Joseph, Director of Ryerson Athletics and Recreation, Ryerson University

"Our operations management, senior management and Board of Directors were all involved in the planning process, and our strategic plan is relevant to the different levels of the organization." - Shawn McCarville, President, Slemon Park Corporation

"The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Board is comprised of representatives from across Atlantic Canada and provincial perceptions can be different, but MRSB understood our dynamics and appropriately engaged all directors and staff members." - Valerie Roy, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Inc.

2. Give you a clear focus on your business, its challenges and opportunities

"MRSB offered us an impartial perspective and a skilled facilitation process to enable us to clearly focus on our goals and priorities." - Shawn McCarvill, President, Slemon Park Corporation

"...allowed us to revisit and reaffirm our vision, mission statement, core values and strategic goals." - Dr. Brian McMillan, President, Holland College

"You have an excellent ability to read people, to secure the 'facts' while pulling all the weeds out, to establish yourself as the leader of time and process, yet be extremely caring and considerate of people's needs. You have an absolute gift of getting so much captured...using an organized mind and process of your own." - Mary Dempster, COO, Ambassatours Gray Line

3. Provide a ready-to-action strategic plan and roadmap

"With MRSB's assistance, we now have a clear and concise strategic plan and a realistic implementation plan that will help us achieve our goals." - Shawn McCarville, President, Slemon Park Corporation

"The final document provided an outstanding framework for moving forward." - Dr. Brian McMillan, President, Holland College

"The final strategic plan looks good, contains rich content and defines clear, realistic goals." - Valerie Roy, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Inc.

"What we were able to accomplish with your guidance has saved both me and the company months and months of have helped to set me up to succeed." - Mary Dempster, COO, Ambassatours Gray Line

"I found the entire process to be insightful and impactful, leaving our team with a set of goals that will challenge our team in a productive way. I'm confident that by following this plan, our organization will enhance its presence in the larger sports community and help us to realize greater success." - Bryan Crawford, Interim Executive Director, Ontario University Athletics (OUA)

So there you have it, straight from our clients' perspectives, how POW3R has engaged entire teams, taken a close look at where they are now, set realistic goals and implemented strong plans of action. Email me today to find out how POW3R can do the same for your business or organization.