Choosing a Career that Makes you Happy and Satisfied at the End of the Day

Contributor: Darlene Eldershaw, Accounting Technician with MRSB Chartered Accountants

Last year I celebrated 20 years as an Accounting Technician. I took some time to reflect on my chosen profession to see if I still felt that I'd made the right decision all those years ago.  After some thought I realized I was doing exactly what I always dreamed of doing. 

Even before my college graduation I was lucky to be offered a position with a Charlottetown Chartered Accounting firm who offered great continuing education opportunities. After two years honing my skills I had the opportunity to enter the CGA program, which I did eagerly. I love learning and thought, “What better way to further my career than going for a higher designation?” I was working full time at a career I loved, taking CGA correspondence courses and loving every minute of it!

Then I started to really look at things and realized that maybe moving to higher designation may not be what I really wanted.  I loved working on the files and dealing with the clients’ needs. I loved taking a financial mess and sorting it out. It appeared to me once the higher designation was achieved I would be more an overseer of the files and not so much hands on as I like. I decided to put my studies on hold for a few months to look into what I really wanted to achieve.

During this time I made a change in my career by accepting an accounting position with a large private company. It didn't take me long to realize private industry wasn't for me, neither was a career in which I wouldn't have everyday hands on doing the work that I loved so much. With this realization I moved back into the public accounting world and soon after joined the MRSB team. 

During my 14+ years with MRSB I've dealt with many clients and a varied range of industries. I've worked on everything from monthly bookkeeping files to year end corporate files. Over the course of my career I’ve done numerous personal tax returns, corporate tax returns and computerized accounting program setups & training for clients. Don't get me wrong, it's not all wonderful and rosy. There are trying times and heavy workloads that come with an accounting career but there's nothing better than a client telling you they don't know what they would do without you or recommending you to one of their friends or associates.

Each year during our annual reviews when asked what can be done to help me feel accomplished in my position, my response is usually the same. Other than a few minor things, I am doing the work I love and get a lot of satisfaction from it. It is easy to take for granted what we have and there are times I am guilty of doing that, but there are many more times when I think to myself, "Boy I can't believe I get paid to do this".

So I've learned it isn't always about the designation, higher pay or following the same path as everyone else. Sometimes it's about doing what makes you happy, and for me it was aborting the higher designation and doing what I love most.  I am a very proud Accounting Technician!