MRSB set for this year's Stuff for Students campaign

What is Stuff for Students?

This campaign is a yearly call for Islanders to purchase and donate school supplies for students in need on Prince Edward Island. Around August 1st the Admin Team at MRSB will be placing a big, empty cardboard box in our lunchroom and inviting staff – and anyone else who would like to get involved – to drop off school supplies and non-perishable lunch food items.

Why do we do it?

Despite our small population there are many kids on PEI who unfortunately aren’t able to pack a sustaining lunch for school or to own a full set of school supplies. We have been taking part in this campaign for several years and always get a great box full of ‘stuff’.

What gets put in the box?

Notebooks, binders, pencils and pens, erasers, glue sticks, markers and non-perishable lunch items are all common donations. Some like to get a little more generous with backpacks, calculators and lunch bags/boxes. Anything a student could use day-to-day, really!

How do the items get to the students?

Typically at the end of August the box is delivered to a community drop-off location by our Admin Team, after which all community donations are distributed to families in need. 

How can I get involved?

Anyone is certainly welcome to drop off items to MRSB’s lobby or to a communal drop-off location. Keep your eyes and ears out for more information via local media.