What makes mrsb the best place to work in atlantic canada?...

...Don says it's the way we always find time for some fun!

I have been with MRSB Consulting Services for five years and have had some great experiences here, both working with our clients and spending time with my ever-creative colleagues. We definitely work hard, but we also know how to shake up the work week with a bit of fun.

Often our initiatives center around fundraising or volunteering in the community. To name just a few, we've taken part in Bowl For Kids Sake, Think Pink Day, Run For the Cure and Movember. Another way we like to spend quality time as a team is by getting active through different outdoor and indoor fitness initiatives like the PEI Marathon, bootcamp and the Deltaware Fun Run.

Then there are the events we organize ourselves to keep us connected and motivated. Boat cruises, BBQs, golfing, the MRSB Olympics (yep, we've done that) and parties are all par for the course and, like all true Islanders, we take advantage of the few weeks of summer sun available.

Because pictures speak louder than words, here are a few photos of the team that we've collected through the years. Enjoy!