What makes mrsb the best place to work in atlantic canada?...

...Mary Ann says it's our Monthly Team Meetings!

On the first Friday of every month, the whole team at MRSB Group meets in our big, first floor boardroom to talk business. Well, really we just spend a half hour or so sipping coffee, munching on muffins and other snacks and updating each other on what's been happening in our respective divisions. Each division gives the team an update, and I'm responsible for sharing news about projects, clients and initiatives from the Tax team. With all the food and laughs, it feels less like a business meeting and more like a fun catch-up with friends.

I think what makes our Team Meetings so effective is that they give every individual within MRSB the chance to reconnect. There are times when projects and schedules don't allow for much interaction between divisions, departments, or even floors! But at our Friday meetings we are all together in one room, listening to everyone's success stories and reflecting on the month past. Sometimes we feature a new or current client who is expanding, has had a recent success or just has something interesting going on that we'd like to share. The Partners also update us on any new initiatives so the team is informed. The meetings include health and wellness tips from our HR Manager and information on local events and fundraisers that we'll be taking part in.


Every once in a awhile, our Admin Team surprises us with an extra special Team Meeting to celebrate a milestone or a major success. Last year we celebrated 35 years as an Island business, which earned us a decorated boardroom table full of cheese, chocolate and other treats to start our day.

I think every company with more than one division or department could benefit from a Monthly Team Meeting. In my opinion they are part of what keeps us united as a diverse group of companies.