MRSB at work in international markets

Contributors: Stacey Evans, Business Development Officer and Brenda Wedge, Principal & Senior Consultant with MRSB Consulting Services

The idea has no doubt crossed your mind. Perhaps it was during a particularly brisk February morning while you were digging your car out of two feet of wet snow before heading to the office. Whatever the trigger, we've all thought at one time or another, "working in the Caribbean is an attractive prospect!"

The concept of MRSB Consulting Services extending its professional profile into the Caribbean was initially put forth by Partner Lloyd Compton after his stint as Manager of Financial Services and International Business Sectors at Ernst & Young, Barbados from 1998 to 2001. 

Recognizing that consulting services – including business plan development, financial assessment and sector strategy development – would be increasingly important to Caribbean development and global competitiveness, we began exploring the potential for partnering with companies and entrepreneurs in the region. Not surprisingly our consulting team was ready and willing to don their summer best and jump aboard this promising initiative.

Now two years into launching our Caribbean strategy, several components have proven especially important on the road to building positive business relationships in the region:

Recognizing similarities

There are many similarities between Prince Edward Island and island nations in the Caribbean, from priority focus on tourism, agriculture and renewable energy to the challenges and opportunities of being a rural island economy. These cultural touch points have uniquely positioned MRSB to understand the needs of the region and to develop strategies to help effect change. As a respected Canadian firm, MRSB is able to provide experienced and objective services to meet our Caribbean clients’ needs.

Building regional knowledge

Our consultants have had the chance to visit the Caribbean region several times and we regularly monitor government and media websites to stay current with local social and economic events. MRSB has also taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in trade missions organized by Trade Team PEI, Innovation PEI, ACOA, PEI Tourism and the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce. We have now participated in four trade missions to Barbados and Saint Lucia and they have proven to be invaluable opportunities to build networks and relationships in the region.

Expanding our network of Caribbean experience

MRSB has been working to build a network of professional partners in the Caribbean and of local professionals who have experience in the region and are interested in collaborations. We have learned and gained a great deal through our international partners. MRSB continuously seeks to partner with experienced professionals and to build our network of resources in the Caribbean.

Continued growth of our brand into international markets

Finally, after dedicated monitoring of opportunities, writing proposals and expressions of interest, participating in trade missions, following up (and following up some more), we are happy to say that the firm has recently secured several exciting Caribbean projects. Our team is currently working with    entrepreneurs in Barbados on business development projects funded through the Inter-American Development Bank. These engagements are especially rewarding as they have given MRSB Consulting Services the opportunity to help entrepreneurs and countries in their social and economic development efforts. Our team has shared some fantastic experiences and feels privileged to be doing what we do best – at home and abroad.