Federal Tax Update 2017 - Public Comments Welcome

MRSB Tax Update

On July 18, 2017 the Federal Liberal government announced proposed legislative changes that will have a far reaching tax impact on private companies and their shareholders.  The draft legislation would mean significant policy changes to the taxation of:


  1. Payments to shareholders of private companies

  2. Capital gains realized on the sale of certain private company shares

  3. Income from passive investments inside a private corporation

  4. The conversion of a private corporation’s income into capital gains


As a member of DFK Canada we have compiled four papers that discuss the proposed changes and the potential impact on the taxation of small businesses and their owners.  For a copy of each detailed paper, please click on the above links to access our website.

We encourage your feedback and welcome your input by sending along direct comments to taxchanges@mrsbgroup.com or by phone at 902-368-2643.